First a list of all my non-fiction reviews, after that a list of my art book reviews.


David Adger – Language Unlimited (2019)

Adam Becker – What Is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics (2018)

Thomas Boraud – How The Brain Makes Decisions (2020)

Noam Chomsky – What Kind Of Creatures Are We? (2016)

Lisa-Ann Gershwin – Jellyfish: A Natural History (2016)

Kenneth L. Davis & Jaak PankseppThe Emotional Foundations Of Personality: A Neurobiological And Evolutionary Approach (2018)

David F. Lancy – The Anthropology Of Childhood (2014)

Brian Olewnick – Keith Rowe: The Room Extended (2018)

Russell Powell – Contingency And Convergence: Toward A Cosmic Biology Of Body And Mind (2020) (The Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)

Alex Rosenberg – Darwinian Reductionism, Or, How To Stop Worrying And Love Molecular Biology (2006)

Alex Rosenberg – How History Gets Things Wrong: The Neuroscience of Our Addiction to Stories (2018)

Larry W. Swanson (ed.) – The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal (2017)

Michael Tomasello – Becoming Human: A Theory Of Ontogeny (2019)

Pierre L. Van den Berghe – The Ethnic Phenomenon (1981)

Peter Williams – Jellyfish (2020)


Some shorter non-fiction reviews can be found in my list of favorite non-fiction.



Hans Werner Holzwarth Jean-Michel Basquiat and the Art of Storytelling (2020)


Leen HuetPieter Bruegel: De Biografie (2016)

Manfred SellinkBreugel In Detail (2014)


Christof MetzgerAlbrecht Dürer (2019)


Hans Werner Holzwarth, David Hockney & Lutz Eitel – David Hockney. A Chronology. (2020)

Martin Gayford & David Hockney – Spring Cannot Be Cancelled: David Hockney in Normandy (2021)


Christopher LloydPicasso And The Art Of Drawing (2018)


Jonathan Bikker & Gregor J.M. WeberRembrandt: The Late Works (2014)

Volker ManuthRembrandt. The Self-Portraits (2019)

Jan Six Rembrandt’s Portrait Of A Young Gentleman (2018)

Ernst van de WeteringRembrandt: The Painter Thinking (2016)


Michael Govan & Christine Y. Kim James Turrell: A Retrospective (2013)

James Turrell: Extraordinary Ideas – Realized (2018)


Nico DockxNico Dockx Talks With Dennis Tyfus – I Know This Sounds Quite Ridiculous, But I Just Follow The Line (2018)


Rainer MetzgerVincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings (1989)


Some shorter art book reviews can be found in my list of favorite art books – a list that is tilted much more towards contemporary art.


Consult the author index for all my reviews, or my other lists.

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