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SHATTERED PILLARS – Elizabeth Bear (2013)

Shattered PillarsIt’s always a thrill when the second book you read of an author turns out to be as good as the first. Thrilling, but sometimes daunting too, since it usually means my TBR-pile grows with a substantial number of titles. Could be 26, in the case of Elizabeth Bear. Shattered Pillars is even better than Range of Ghosts, the book it is a sequel to.

That’s not only because it’s not the first of a trilogy, and as such doesn’t suffer from having to set up things. So yes, as a reader you know the characters better, and you’re more immersed in the world from the onset. But it’s also because this second book of The Eternal Sky pays more attention to the emotions of the characters, has a broader setting and generally tells a more adventurous story – including a handful of exciting, original action scenes. It’s also darker: the blood magic of Al-Sepehr provides for some chilling pages.  Continue reading