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THE SECOND CHRONICLES OF AMBER – Roger Zelazny (1985-91)

Second Chronicles Of AmberRoger Zelazny wrote two Amber cycles. The first five books were published from 1970 to 1978, and have Corwin as the main character. They are one long story, and taken together they are one of my all time favorite fantasy books, as the story is something daring & unique. It’s considered to be one of the classics of the genre, and rightly so.

The second cycle, also know as the Merlin cycle, was published from 1985 to 1991. It consists of 5 novels too: Trumps Of Doom, Blood Of Amber, Signs Of Chaos, Knight Of Shadows and Prince Of Chaos. Their story takes place a decade or two after the first cycle, and focuses on Merlin, the son of Corwin.

I’m disappointed to report that I agree with those who think this second part of The Great Book Of Amber doesn’t live up to the Corwin cycle. As it has been a couple of years since I’ve read that first cycle, it’s hard to compare the two in a detailed manner. I also can’t rule out that my tastes have shifted a bit, resulting in me simply liking these books a bit less than I would have if I’d just continued with the second series right after the first. Still, I don’t think this is a big determining factor in my dislike. I can put my finger on why I didn’t like The Second Chronicles quite easily, and as I remember it, the first books didn’t really suffer from these weaknesses. (I plan to reread the Corwin cycle, so I’ll report back on this issue somewhere in the future.)

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LORD OF LIGHT – Roger Zelazny (1967)

Lord Of Light

A short, quick review for this one, since I didn’t finish it.

I’m a big fan of the first Amber chronicles, but I couldn’t get into this book.

The writing felt heavy handed, and I didn’t care for the characters – much like you don’t really care for characters in most myths: they feel impersonal, archetypical, cardboardlike.

I tried, but stopped 1/3rd in. Maybe if I’d read on the story & the characters would have become more alive, but my intuition said ‘no’.

Maybe I’ll try again someday, as I think I started this with the wrong expectations. I guess I’ll read the second Amber chronicles and This Immortal first, to get a bit more Zelazny mileage.

originally written on November 30, 2014